Sensor Concepts & Applications, Inc. has been operating as an expert in the field of sensor technology since 1989. SCA is a small, woman owned company working closely with Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defense agencies in testing, evaluating, modeling, interpreting, and system design of nonintrusive inspection systems and other sensor technologies. We are a sensor company with wide experience in infrared, electro-optics, sonar, radar, active, and passive radiation sensors in applications such as nuclear material and shielding detection, chemical weapon and explosive detection using trace detection technologies, IED detection, vehicle detection.

SCA, Inc has been involved in advanced system design and evaluation of Department of Defense (DOD) sensor and weapon systems designed to automatically detect and recognize or cue operators of the presence of targets. Our emphasis has been in the area of sensor technology and the algorithms used to process the information provided by the sensors. We have experience with several of the ARPA programs which use state of the art and state of the practice processing techniques and sensors. We have also been involved with several programs where the technology is more mature and the nature of the problems are oriented toward full scale development or planned program improvements to existing systems.

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